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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
According to your other posts (I won't quote you back to yourself) you were out chatting up college age girls.
Yes... Time and place, right?

I found a room to rent five blocks from the building where I have all of my classes--I am currently eight miles away, so I usually spend an hour trying to study on the bus, before walking five or six blocks from the light rail station. When I am running late, I need to drive to the light rail station, plus the room is $270 less a month than my apartment.

One of my new roommates mentioned guys that never graduate just because of co-eds.

Heh. They stay in school on purpose! Getting distracted and failing happens all of the time!

Oh, right...

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
IMHO the (never completed?) Renaissance project is backward too. Pragmatically, it consumes orphaned Prius drivetrains and [maybe] improves the mileage of the donor vehicle; but the interesting question to me is: What would you put into the Insight that would improve *it's* mileage. I'm thinking pure electric with supercar performance and 'instant' charge times because of the nano-scale fractal Lichtenberg-figure anodes in the next-gen batteries.

What did you think of the Scuderi Split Cycle engine? A custom crankshaft and camshaft[s] in the stock inline-4?
Thank you for linking that, I had seen a few references, but had not actually read anything about it. It definitely looks interesting! I tried reading the data, but it was over my head, I wanted to see qualitative differences from standard.

Regarding the transplant, I wondered why he did not just get himself an Insight.


I was thinking that it would be awesome with the full Basjoos treatment, but then, wouldn't an Insight be even better?

I think that the Insight and Prius showed a great deal of innovation, but for Toyota, I think that subsequent improvements have been modest, and Honda discontinued the Insight to come back with a Prius clone?
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