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Never graduate? Ya gotta have priorities.

I think Insight and Prius both use aero to improve the shine on their hybrid drivetrain; which suggests transplanting it out into anything else isn't moving forward.

I like Scuderi's work. They appear to be a company run by original inventor's progeny, that is better at spending investment money than showing a running example. I'll have to look closer; their Performance pdf is new to me.

I think their proprietary VR4 staggered displacement block is inferior to an aircooled flat-4 boxer. At least for development purposes. It looks to me like all that's needed is a custom crankshaft and camshaft. Equal displacement and intercoolers with no turbo = shorter development (of you one-off, unsalable personal mad potting-shed science). In round numbers, they quote diesel performance and 1/8th the NOx because combustion temps are low. The compressed air hybrid is major. Recharge at home from a compressor powered by a windmill. You've just gone off off-grid.

Why didn't he get an Insight. Because Mt. Everest is there. Er...
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