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Thanks bobo333 - Nice bike man, I started out w/one very similar & it served me well for years! I dunno if I'd call that rack "tiny" heh, it's bigger than I have on my ebike, the one I use for grocery runs... but I tend to put the foodstuffs in a duffel & sling it on my back, letting the rack support the weight. That way I can load down with far more than the rack alone could hold & anything that doesn't fit can still get strapped down.

I wish I could help with the trailer, but from what I've seen it's a compromise - a trailer that isn't quite right or just making one yourself, particularly with the greater weights hauled & the speeds of a motorized bike. Don't get me wrong, there's some nice trailers out there... it's just none of them were quite what I had in mind, some of the better ones have utterly astronomical prices that are hard to justify w/such a simple unit.

The single-sided axle mount hitches are a touch dicey with our application, the axle & it's fasteners already under more strain than intended by the motorization. While they put up w/it, it's getting close to the edge as you've prolly discovered w/the shift kit. That freewheel bearing in the three piece pedal crank is right on the edge of what it can deal with if you've gotten the motor sorted (even if you've the 'Diamond' bearing) so when you get a trailer, take her easy w/it - I've gone through three on my shifter gas bike, but that's my "racing" bike so stuff happens lol

There's trailer designs with a two-point mount & yoke, far stronger & more stable than the single offset like this for example: Frugah Steel Bicycle Cargo Trailer

...but while that particular trailer has some horrible reviews, it might be something to consider for parts (to build your own) or to get & use, knowing that it's cheese, but cheese that can be modified & upgraded. Only catch is with that design it can only lean if it's left a single wheel & I needed a dual wheel trailer for the weight & stability *shrug* Just some thoughts
Thanks for the reply!

Lots of points to think about, im pretty sure im gonna go with a dual wheel setup as it seems they can carry a lot more load and im not sure exactly what it will be used for yet, better to be too big than too small i recon!

Ive seen some reviews on those little Lepai amps that rate them quite highly and with the efficiency of those small computer speakers it should be quite a nice setup for camping!

As for crossovers if you can find out what frequencies the speakers like to play and your handy with a soldering iron its not hard to make your own, there are plenty of crossover calculators on the net that tell you what components to get, placing them in line with the speaker wiring is easy enough and should provide enough cutoff for a nice listenable setup

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