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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
I wasn't being facetious at all! Just suggesting a genuine K.I.S.S. 100%-mechanical solution.

Hang the pendulum from the rearview mirror, with the pendulum weight "centered" over a 6" x 6" piece of white cardboard with concentric rings (like a bullseye target) drawn on it.

The longer the pendulum length, the further apart the 'rings' will be.

The distance between each concentric 'ring' would indicate inclination. You could even do 1 increments (if you do the algebra/trig correctly) if you're really good at drawing concentric circles (use a compass).

To "calibrate" the device, simply "center" cardboard directly under the pendulum with the car on level surface, then "verify" the accuracy by driving up a known incline (a home driveway). Use: "rise-over-run" to calculate (trig table) the driveway inclination angle.
Oh got it! That makes total sense! I like the idea, but I'm really looking for a little digital display that will tell me a specific # in a set unit. If I could have this in my ultragauge, it would be even better, but I guess I will have to make my own. I need a way to measure what that pendulum swing is (or any other measurement device, say a gyro) and then display it.

It sounds like even though it might be expensive, the Gduino would be my best route unless somebody has another idea.

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