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I agree, the pendulum is a great idea, unfortunately, for this application I am looking for something a little different. It would definitely be fun to play with though!

I also like the DIY fluid inclinometer, but again, not quite what I am looking for in this application. I think of the two options, I would try this one first though as in my mind, it would be easier to read the markers on a vertical axis, rather than on a flat board underneath a pendulum. Both would make for some interesting projects though!

I found the apps for my Galaxy S3, but again, difficult to read while driving and I will have to remember to turn the app on when I get in the car (meaning it won't happen ) One inclinometer app I found has the degrees unit that I am looking for, though! (:

I couldn't find the G-Tech, but did find this: Electronic Magnetic Protractor I'm not sure if it will do what I want, but it has a small display which is what I am looking for. It says it displays in degrees or tilt angle %. I think the latter is what I am looking for (to match up with road signs as I mentioned in a previous post).

As far as the arduino goes, I think I will probably end up doing that, but will need a TON of hand-holding as it will be my first time. I *think* I found the ADXL335 board: ADXL335 and a display: Display

For the prototype shield board do you mean this: Prototype Shield Board or this: Mini Breadboard or something else?

What else would I need? Do I still need the Arduino itself? Would this: Mega 2560 or this: Arduino UNO be it?

Like I said, hand holding

If I can use the same hardware (i.e. main arduino board, display, etc.) for my grill block and anything else I might come up with, then less than $100 would definitely be OK! I'd be fine if the accessories end up costing a little more than something pre-done, because for one I will be learning and two, I will have one system to control multiple things.

I really appreciate the help!
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