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Loock at this page :
Traction Control - How does TC work?

Racelogic is making a traction controle system that cut a part of the power of the engine by disabling a cylinder, and alterning that cylinder so the engine stay in a steady thermal state.

Here is a part of the text:
"Racelogic Traction Control prevents lean burn by removing 100% of the pulsed fuel delivery – essentially the affected cylinder takes a gulp of fresh air; the in-cylinder temperature remains virtually unaffected.

Prolonged fuel cut on one particular cylinder would cause scavenging of the petrol lining the inlet tracts, and when the next full fuel pulse arrived, it would be partially reduced in quantity by the re-wetting of these tracts. RL Traction Control rotates cylinder cutting to prevent this situation from occurring."

It would be perfect to be able to set a dial to cut a % of the fuel. And since it's by pulse, it would be possible to cut different % that 25%(1 cylinder) or 50%(2 cylinder)
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