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What I Need...

  • Arduino Mega board Mega 2560
  • Accelerometer/Gyro MPU 6050
  • Display Common Cathode Display
  • Tools: Soldering Iron, digital multimeter, Phillips/Flathead screwdrivers, etc.
  • Wire (CAT5, ribbon cable)
  • Solder Lead-Free Electrical Solder
  • Transistors (BC337 NPN's)
  • Veroboard
  • Diodes 1n4004 Diode
  • Resistors (4 kinds, 1 type for LED, 1 type for transistor/ground wire of LED, 1 type for part A of voltage divider, 1 type for part B of voltage divider)
  • Pin Headers?
  • A whole lot of knowledgeable people who know more than me!
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