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Laptop charger went bad.

Long story that you guys do not need to hear, but I had problems with my computer and Asus kept the charger, so I went to Best Buy and bought a replacement, which gave me problems almost from the beginning. I had an older Asus and that charger worked fine until recently. I think that it is mostly when one of the connections move, but the screen blinks, it tells me which power mode it is now using, my mouse cursor moves to the center of the screen, and for a moment, I cannot use my computer.

It usually does this two to seven times in a row. I was actually showing it to my roommate when it hit seven. My old battery was bad and Windows kept telling me to replace it, but for some reason I swapped the batteries and my newer computer seemed to work fine. However, it just shuts down when the battery is at 36%. I checked the power plan. It is supposed to wait until six percent and then hibernate.

All of a sudden, several minutes ago, my charger apparently died. The light is not on anymore. I plugged the aftermarket plug into my laptop and its light flickers, but my laptop says that it is running off of the battery, while my old laptop used the Rocketfish charger just fine, although it never moved.

I tried finding an Asus charger, but everything said that it was Asus, while being made by blind retired ewoks. I did finally find the new charger on the website, but everything was working well enough, and they are fairly expensive. I guess that I need to go ahead and purchase the charger and battery, but I might not be able to use my own computer until they arrive. Of course, there are computers at school, but they have limited hours during the summer, and the library and computer labs tend to be noisy, although they should be better during the summer.

Except the library under construction.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

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