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Old Tele man, thank you for your response.

I had looked on Amazon a few times, but did not think of eBay, so I went to the latter, and found an "OEM" battery for $32 plus $25 shipping from China--eight business days. I could not find an actual Asus charger, though. I looked on Amazon again and found the opposite. It took a while to make sure that I had the correct charger and battery. For some reason, Amazon showed products that did not list my numbers on their actual page, but I was able to order both for $53.17, while just the charger would have been $49 plus $9 shipping from Asus, with a grand total of $180.

About twelve years ago, I made a friend in a programming class that I ended up dropping. He is now a professor in Idaho. I was extremely worried when I posted this message and asked him about it. As I have mentioned in other threads, I need to do a number of repairs on my car and it will shortly be due for a timing belt replacement, and all that goes with it. I shared my concern for running out of money.

With as many computers as you purchase, I'm not surprised you're running out of resources
I bought that computer March 9th, 2,011, in Afghanistan, when a buddy killed the laptop that I am using right now. (it got better)

Part of my concern was that my remaining power supply is faulty. Perhaps I should have purchased two. To tell the truth, I am not entirely sure which of my batteries is "good," so I guess that when I have both chargers, once both of these batteries are topped off, I will unplug both laptops and see which one dies first.

When the factory charger died, I used the Best Buy charger on my newer laptop, but I could not get it to show that it was charging. Why would a cable work at one angle, but not at another, or at any other?
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