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had a set 1x

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
How about I tap the discs into the rims?

Does that ever go poorly? If the discs were notched, what would have happened to the rims?
I am also going your route Im guessing you have 14" wheels also so the 15 " pan after drilling hole for the valve will fill the rim inside.
I had a purchased set with clips one time before and clips broke over time and would not seat on old American racing wheels so I removed wheels from truck drilled through safe portion then transferred holes into hubs.
Next I tapped wheel holes to 6-32 and picked up circuit board stand off from radio shack. screwed into wheels and used nylock nuts on hub caps.
the wheel covers squeek slightly at low speeds to resolve that I used some silicon and squeezed a dab here and there before bolting covers on.
this combo served me well for another 3 years of service.
rust coated them so I painted them red to match the truck and sold vehicle for a ten year moonie service life.
standoffs were really cheap and come in different sizes and can also be screwed together to effect length and mounting issues.
FYI. not all standoffs are male or female or 1/2" or 3/4" etc. look into it before ya start, and dont run drill into aired sections of your wheel..
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