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NEED help on paul/sabrina controller not working

so i cant find out what the issue is with my controller ( i bought it as a kit) it first went bad when my dc-dc blew and it blew the the output side of the optocoupler U9, which provides a 12 VDC gate drive for the contactor MOSFET Q1, but i dont use this so i figured it still worked after i tested it the motor up in neutral!! i put it all back together, make sure the lights are both solid. ( they still are) but as my freind was dischrging the capacitor bank with the resistor when we were romoving it, he accidentally touched the +/- side for the battery input of the controller and made a nasty blue spark. i didnt think it would ruin anything but sure enough. i reconnect the controller and it doesnt work again. although both lights are solid. so im now removing it once again to check for any other fried components? help lol i need to get the car on the road and am willing to pay for valuable help!
i cant post pictures because it says i have to make 5 posts but i have the control board and power section apart i checked gr1-gr10 and ph1/ph2 for 12v when throttle was on but it was zero.(last time the controller was put together)

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