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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
The tire has 15" holes and the rim has (apparently) a 5/8" lip.

Moon disk are convex for strength, spindle clearance (sometimes you'll see them with a hole or bullet in the middle) but mostly so they *catch the light* better.

Overhanging the lip? Everyone opines that the disk would wear on the tire sidewall and simply destroy it. I think the tire and the disk are moving together and it would be more of a press and release, at the bottom where the sidewall deforms. The guys that run the Mariani Farms roadster know the facts.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
What else can I do with these things?
When I try to process that I have a halting problem.
I wonder if everybody but me knew that hubcaps were an inch and a quarter bigger than the rims. Moon disks are mostly convex to catch the light better? I was not sure if the hole or bullet was to catch the light better.

Is a round shape better than a flat one if it has a larger frontal area? I continue to think that you would want the sides to be flat, although if you are going to have the caps bigger than the rims, it does not make sense to me to have them smaller than the middle of the sidewall, so that you have one curve, as in the picture that you shared. I would think that if the edge of the moon disk is level with the widest part of the sidewall, when it flattens against the ground, it would push against the disk, which would flex away, to whatever extent is possible, but if the disk reaches the inner portion of the sidewall, towards the center, the rubber would also push against the edge of the disk, which could cause more wear, but I do not know anything.

I was asking if anyone had any idea what to do with aluminum discs, these trays that I bought. If I return them I would only receive eleven or twelve dollars if shipping charges are the same as they were for my hubcaps.

If moon disks are convex for strength, but they creak because they flex, are they too convex or not enough?

Would they creak if they were attached to the lugnuts, like mine? I know that exposing the holes would make them less aerodynamic, but I imagine that can be fixed.
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