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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Nice. I like hauling by bike.

Last few days, I moved on my trailer: half a dozen loads of mulch, plus a wheelbarrow.

No pics though, so I might just be making this up.
Sounds like quite a load. Was the fish thiiiiiiiiiis big?

Originally Posted by bobo333 View Post

ive been thinking about the best way to do a trailer for a while now, theres only so much i can carry on my small rear carrier (makes more frequent shopping trips necessary which is both a pain and bad for economy on my motorised bike lol!)

i have a pair of wheels similar to yours laying around Sven7

how do they do at speed? obviously my motorised bike will go a bit quicker than your pedal only one but do they show any signs of stress if your really moving like down a hill or something?

im thinking a simple 1"x1" steel frame and hitch for plenty of strength and durability and expanded aluminium mesh for the base to make tying stuff down super easy
Yeah, those are just $5 wheels from harbor freight. Rated for 350lbs. or something. They wobble a bit and aren't completely smooth going down the road but I think the beads are just seated wrong. No other problems really. 1x1 would be my first choice if i had a welder and some more space. You could even do a simple swing arm rear suspension system!
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