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Looked up some DMMs, but I am still stuck on what will be of benefit (for this project and general purpose uses).

Here's some that I have found online:
Equus 3320
Equus 3300
Craftsman 34-82141
Is there one in this list that sticks out to you that would work, or I am too far off with these?

Also, I have added links to the exact items I am going to get in my parts list. Can you just double check to make sure I am getting the correct items before I order them? I want to order them this week or next, but want to make sure I get the right things first.

I put a relay on the list originally, but now am wondering why I did so. Can you think of a reason at this point why I would need one?

Should I get some male to male pin headers to make soldering the wires on easier or can I just attach the wires directly to the board (I assume this might be difficult in the long run as the wires might come out with vibrations and whatnot, plus the headers would make taking the wires out easier, if need be)? Is there a special Arduino pin header or are all pin headers the same (other than # of pins)? I assume I should be looking for a pin header for less than a dollar a piece (or maybe literally just a few pennies a piece)?

How should I mount the Arduino and accel/gyro? Can I just drill some holes in the veroboard and screw them directly to the board, or should I mount it to something else, like a piece of aluminum or wood with some bolts and nuts and maybe some rubber washers (for vibration control)?
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