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Just an update I used WD-40 on my engine and lubricated and sprayed on the following parts:

1. alternator
2. water pump pulley
3. a/c compressor
4. tensioner bearing
5. main crankshaft

I also sprayed the internal of my contact point type distributor and the ends of my high tension wires and sparkplug ends with WD-40 and results were remarkable, my engine is now running smoother and more quiet, and even with all of my accessories open (e.g. lights, a/c, radio, etc.) the RPM does not drop that too low.

also, I just finished doing a DIY installation of customized cold air intake, I hope it performs well tomorrow

BTW can you guys suggest a design for a hypermiling sticker that I can put on my rear glass? i'm planning to put one soon...
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