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Originally Posted by t vago View Post
I bought an MPGuino a few days ago, and received it in the mail. Impressive-looking little unit.

However, I've had less than stellar luck with having one question answered: Does MPGuino handle returnless fuel lines? That's when either an in-tank regulator or a power-modulated fuel pump supplies constant pressure to the fuel line and fuel rail, regardless of intake manifold vacuum; and there is only one fuel line coming out of the tank.

I've searched high and low, and this is all that I could come up with: MPGuino and a Series 3 Supercharged

I strongly suspect that I know the answer already, though... Might have to dust off my microcontroller skills and add this capability.
My car and many others here with an MPGuino installed have returnless fuel delivery systems. I have no complaints with the accuracy of the guino.
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