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no nickname , it's just a car - '04 volkswagen golf tdi
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from page 10

from page 10
i quote myself

this puddinghead never directly responded to my request to test his HOAX either on my car or on his car -
either because he does not want me to PROVE that his HOAX is a HOAX or because
he thinks his attempt to deceive can be recycled on new readers who were not paying attention

the offer stands -
you can not polish a turd , unless you are on the mythbuster staff and you have access to exotic raw material

Originally Posted by mwebb View Post
lets call a pig a pig
you are lying -

i live a few hours away -
but i will drive to Binghamton NY with my Geo Metro ,
i have been logging fuel economy for close to 30k miles on this car so i have a feeling any improvement will show on just the fuel log
i also will log the trip to and the trip home , same day same fuel same everything
only difference will be your
HOAX , installed on my car for the trip back

i will upload logged trip data showing speed rpm fuel trims temperature ....
the MPGuino trip MPG for both trips .

ON TWO SUBSEQUENT WEEK ENDS one i pick up your hoax , uninstall it from you car and install it on mine
2nd return and uninstall it from my car and re install it on yours .

so lying sack of pooh - do you accept ?
i have the tools , i have the software s , i have the knowledge.

i eagerly await your reply
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