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03-21-2006, 07:42 Pm

today's update: we jumper-cabled the 36v string of marine batteries together again and moved the forklift most of the way into the garage this afternoon (wouldn't go in all the way because of the boom height), chocked the wheels and commenced "the forklift lift" - with a 15-ton railway jack. the "lift" was necessary because the motors can only come out from underneath, and we opted not to take the cutting torch route to make our own access panels.

once lifted and blocked at multiple points using a *lot* of wood, two motor-ectomies were performed: the power steering motor (permanent magnet .88 hp continuous duty) and one of the hydraulic pump motors (possibly also PM - only 2 terminals - but it didn't have any other specifications on it - a mystery motor for now.)

that hydraulic motor is a beast: 8 inch diameter, 110 lbs. with that weighty revelation, suddenly our main concern about the traction motor's ability to go in the swift isn't its size, but its heft. it's going to be a monster - i'm guessing 200-400 lbs.

how much does a small four-cylinder engine with accessories weigh? 200 lbs?

we might have to get a beefier host vehicle that can take it. something like... a forklift?
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