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Good idea. Bicycle spokes are made of spring steel or what they call piano wire...a heat treated higher carbon steel. I have a couple variations of this is tougher than sh*t and is hard to bend and harder to cut. But it holds it's shape after bending. Just need to not try to bend any sharp corners in it. You could also drill some small holes into the lining material near the steel backing plate for a place to insert the wires if needed.

Best to test a car for brake drag is after driving till warmed up....stop at a stop sign...move the car just slightly...take it out of for any excessive drag as it rolls slightly to a stop?

Another test for dragging brakes is to drive maybe 25 miles or so on the highway using the brakes very little...stop the vehicle...carefully touch the rotors or drums with your finger...if you feel a burning sensation ...your brakes are dragging...mpg going into heat.

Originally Posted by arcosine View Post
I stopped at NAPA, but they didn't have them. So I just bent up a a set from two old bicycle spokes. My first impression is there is no brake drag! The car use to come to a full stop and there was always some drag after appling the brakes. Now there is not and it rolls on the slightest grade, even after braking! The brake petal doesn't go down any further than before.

Cost $0.00

The clamp keeps the pads together before assembling the caliper.
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