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Originally Posted by wungun View Post
I love it when people get all horny about magic additives that promise the world...
2 stroke oil? Really?
Must work wonders for cat clogging, sparkplug fouling and generally polluting the air...
Oh, and denting your wallet!
Actually fuel with tcw3 burns cleaner. In fact it lubricates and cleans.

Most any ICE benefits from top end lube esp. when using ethanol which should never be in your fuel.

Adding the tcw3 will have little effect on +EF if your plugs, valves and rings are new and clean but it will maintain their pristine condition.
Folks with dirty top ends could notice a nice +EF as the internals are cleaned.

It is funny that some people that have no problem using Techron (which is fantastic stuff) MMO, Lucas etc. don't seem to grasp the concept of TCw3 clean burning oil.
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