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Originally Posted by Vansquish View Post
If your suspension hasn't been modified, then your wheels are having similar impact on your crash-bar height.

A 175/50/13 tire should have a height of about 19.9", or more usefully, a radius of 9.95". The original wheel/tire package on your car was a 185/65/14, meaning a diameter of 23.5" (radius of 11.75").

So, what does this mean? Obviously you're playing the semantics game. OK, your suspension hasn't been modified, but you've effectively lowered your car by slightly less than 2 inches (11.75-9.95=1.8"), thus lowering your crash bar height by an equivalent amount.
I don't know what you game is, but again, you simply are not reading at all, or are reading poorly. The tire size you list is not my tire size. My front tires are the stock 185/65-14s. So your point is moot. It's not semantics to point out that you're wrong on the basic facts.

Jedi-sol here offers you some good advice:

Originally Posted by jedi_sol View Post
if you browse all of the project cars on this form with your frame of mind, you're going be in for a HUGE SUPRISE.

all of the top mpg achievers on this site employ the same tactics: lowering the car, gutting the interior, over inflating tires, etc....

are you going on their threads slapping their wrists too?
If you don't mind, "Vansquish," maybe you could take your critiques of lowered suspension onto a thread for a car that actually is lowered? I'd like to have my build thread back.

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