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Originally Posted by JB3 View Post
Things I have to keep-

1. Rear doors must open completely and not be interfered with
2. Sliding door must open completely and not be interfered with
3. Current length should remain the same (parking and maneuvering advantages of this particular van I don't want to lose
4. Have to keep the rear bumper (work van necessity)
5. Huge mirrors I must keep for towing and maneuvering, (though smaller side mirrors and strap on tow mirrors are a possibility)

Things I can do-

1. Baby moon hubcaps
2. Rear wheel covers (though passenger side might be an issue with sliding door)
3. Encapsulate the underneath
4. fairing for the wipers
5. Chin spoiler of some type
6. fold down utility rack that I hope to have drop beneath some kind of fairing
If I am reading correctly, when doing a chin spoiler, it should come down to the lowest point of the underside and things should be flat from there?
I think you could go to full moon wheel covers. A lot of guys have done that here and gotten great results. Or just whip out some coroplast and fab up something quick-n-dirty, it doesn't have to be gorgeous just to prove whether it helps. (NOTE: I don't think anyone has ever come back to say it had a negative effect).

The chin spoiler, ideally, should be as low as the lowest projection on the van's underside. There are proponents here who say a full belly pan almost eliminates the need for an airdam, and a good airdam almost eliminates the need for a bellypan. Almost. With so many other things on the vehicle non-negotiable, I think if the bellypan and airdam combine for better results, go for it. Besides, looking under there you can see it's an aerodynamic hell. You almost can't make it worse.

Rear fender skirts shouldn't be a problem at all.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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