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Pic of Visionary & Tribs with 1987 Eco at FoTB

Originally Posted by visionary View Post
On a more positive note, I had a very interesting day yesterday when I went to Mallory Park racetrack for the "Festival Of a Thousand Bikes". Among other luminaries from the FF bike world, I had enjoyable conversations with Paul Blezard (PaulBlez who has posted earlier in this thread), Colin Russell (the driving force behind the monoliner project Mono Liner - Single Track Streamliner) and Andy Tribble (owner of a Peraves Ecomobile).
Andy was nice enough to let me sit in his ecomobile and give me an unbiased opinion of ecomobile ownership, and riding dynamics - very enlightening!
I have posted a pic of Visionary with Andy Tribble & his Eco at Mallory here:
Tribs Meets 'Visionary' | FF Web
There are several other photos of this and previous 'FoTBs', thousands of other photos of assorted FFs on and hundreds of Ecomobiles and Monotracers. There are also some photos of the NSU 'Flying Hammocks' here: Baumm NSU | FF Web
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