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Originally Posted by Sven7 View Post
Yeah, because that's what on-ramps are for. Get your acceleration done before you have to merge in. I hate when people try to enter the freeway in front of me when they're going 50mph, then i have to coast and wait for their slow asses to get up to speed. That is obstructing traffic.

Whatever speed you're planning on driving, try to match the speed of the lane you're merging into- it's called a zipper effect when done right.
Haha what about people like me entering the highway at 55 mph?

What I really meant was that people accelerate very rapidly and just because you look and don't see anyone on the ramp, that doesn't mean someone isn't going to be there when you actually get to the merging point. When you drive 55-60 mph like me, and you have drivers going 70-75 mph on the on-ramp, you just need to watch out so you don't block the merging car in.

There are a couple on-ramps on my drive that you cannot see entering cars until just before their lane enters the highway. Several times I have looked, saw that there was no one there, then a few seconds later as I am at the merge point a car is suddenly in my blind spot. When you have a 20 mph difference the car can sneak up on you pretty quick.
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