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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
That's very true, but there are also instances where the layout of the road is challenging. This doesn't excuse the responsibilities of the drivers, but the confluence of road and vehicle can make it hard to deliver as the rest of the motoring population expects.
I agree. Driving in a responsible way is a challenge. That's why all jurisdictions require written and road testing before granting a license to drive. However, having a license doesn't make you a good driver. That comes with experience.

We have a couple of onramps around here that, once the ramp comes to an end, about fifty yards later so does the shoulder. If you haven't merged, you either come to a stop or you scrape on the wall.
If you are a good driver you will wait if necessary near the beginning of the ramp until traffic in the merge lane clears, then accelerate (hard, if necessary) to merge responsibly without causing a problem.

Couple that with, for instance, my geriatric truck full of firewood at rush hour, and you have to hope that you can find a gap big enough to stuff your nose into because you just won't be going at full speed when the ramp runs out. You won't, and there's no way to change that. At this point you're relying on the charity of other drivers, sometimes in vain.
No, there IS a way to change that, by changing your driving strategy. You will be able to merge into the lane if you assess the situation, and bide your time before merging responsibly and courteously. It does not require charity from others. It does require the exercise of your own good judgment.

BTW, I hope your geriatric truck is roadworthy and not overloaded beyond its weight capacity.