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Well, last weekend I attended the First Annual Ski's Shrimp Run & as it turns out I had the only motorized bik... erm trike at the rally, but they're not that common 'round here so that's no surprise lol - in any case it was a lot of fun riding w/the scoots & peds with a simply amazing turnout! There was roughly 100+ riders with machines of all shapes, sizes and years & folks from all over the place, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, & more, from pretty much everywhere in the NE, there were even a bunch of people from Canada.

I was defo dwarfed in engine size with most being 150-400cc, but there were a good number of 50cc scoots & peds so I didn't feel too outclassed heh, the run was kept to about 30mph to account for us lil guys so we all had great time, we even had a chase truck & trailer just in case somebody popped but fortunately no one needed their generous offer.

I really should have taken more pics... but TBH I was having such a blast I missed shooting most of the best stuff but here's some of what I did get if yer interested, it was raining when I showed up at the campground on Friday - but Saturday was rally day and it was gorgeous out as you can see;

Motorized bikes or not, alternative transportation enthusiasts tend to be open minded & everyone was really friendly, we had such a good time I'll defo be going again next year! The only "complaint" I had throughout the entire event is I ended up with a serious case of cup-holder envy, I have got to figure one out lol
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