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Anyone, like me, actually compare mpg records for 100% gasoline(ethanol-free) with 10% ethanol blend records?

Over many years, my 3 cars show 8%, 7% & 5% better mpg with 100% gasoline. All engines are quieter, smoother & have extra low rpm torque, such that, hills are climbed with less downshifting. One car, I was thinking of switching to fuel injection to even out its roughness. But using 100% gasoline, the engine is smooth.

Vehicles, with 14 gallon tanks, will drive like they have 15 gallon tanks, without installing a larger tank or carrying the extra gallon of gas. But they will drive an extra gallon's worth of distance on a tank. My new 2013 Elantra, bad-mouthed for poor mpg, will travel almost 39 extra miles on a tank of gas.

Hundreds of thousands of drivers support the 7000+ stations still dispensing 100% gasoline. Bet a good percentage of Ecomodders do also!
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