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Gasoline engines are designed & built to use 100% gasoline(ethanol-free) at its most efficient. The EPA runs its tests of gasoline engines with the equivalent of 100% gasoline. Auto manufacturers like that, since 100% gasoline gives their gasoline engines their best efficiency.

Ethanol engines, with higher compression ratios than gasoline engines, are designed & built to use ethanol at its most efficient...... like INDY cars.

This not rocket science.

But it is good 100% gasoline science, as the gasoline engined cars come off the assembly line. I am not talking about modifications or additions.

I am not in the league of ecomodders, making no mods to my cars. My 2013 Elantra, as it came from the dealer, using 100% gasoline, is averaging 39mpg, with ~15% city driving, with a high of 43mpg. My previous 3 cars have always responded better to 100% gasoline than the ethanol industry & the EPA give it credit.
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