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Originally Posted by shovel View Post

Citation needed.
Read the U.S. Federal Register (Part II, EPA), Section D. Emissions Test Fuel:

...excerpt from my post on CruzeTalk forum:

Remember how we here have been *****ing about EPA testing vehicles for emissions and MPG using one fuel (Indolene, 91 octane) while the "real-world" uses a different fuel (E10, 87 octane)? Well, it seems as though EPA finally " the memo..." because in the governments' May 21, 2013, Federal Register, the EPA is proposing they drop the use of neat (clear) gasoline (Indolene) and require the usage of two new "test fuels":

"D. Emissions Test Fuel (FR page 29908)

1. Proposed Changes to Gasoline Emissions Test Fuel

In-use gasoline has changed considerably since EPA's fuel specifications for emissions testing of specifications for emissions testing of light- and heavy-duty gasoline vehicles were first set and last revised. Gasoline sulfur and benzene have been reduced and, perhaps most improtantly, gasoline containing 10 percent ethanol by volume (E10) has replaced clear gasoline (E0) across the country. This has second-order effects on other gasoline properties. In-use fuel is projected to continue to change with implementation of the RFS2 program (e.g., the expansion of the number of retailers that offer E15) as well as today's proposed Tier 3 gasoline sulfur program. As a result, we are preposing to update our federal emission test fuel specifications not only to better match today's in-use fuel but also to be forward looking with respect to future ethanol and sulfur content[317]. The revised test fuel specification would apply for exhaust emissions testing, fuel economy/greenhouse gas testing, and emissions testing for non-exhaust emissions (evaporative, refueling, and leak detection testing). The proposed gasoline specifications, found at Paragraph 1065.710, would apply to emissions testing of light-duty cars and trucks as well as heavy-duty gasoline vehicles certified on the chassis test, those subject to the proposed Tier 3 standards[318]."

"(FR page 29911)

2. Proposed Flexible Fuel Vehicle Test Fuel

While the Agency has for some time had testing requirements for flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) on E85 fuel blends, EPA currently has no regulatory specifications for the test fuel itself. Historically, our laboratory practice has been to blend indolene (E0) with neat ethanol and normal butane to produce an FFV test fuel with 83 volume percent ethanol and an RVP from 6.0 to 6.5 psi. However, the lack of E85 test fuel specifications has caused confusion and inconsistency among FFV manufacturers in carrying out their certification requirements."

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