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Frank, that was just plain weird.

Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
The slight water content in hE15 makes it cheaper to produce than pure E15, as it takes a lot of effort to eradicate the last bit of water from the ethanol. And even though it produces less power than pure E15, its relative efficiency is slightly better so the effective drop in efficiency is less than the 1% you'd expect from the water content %.
To exempt Alcohol from beverage taxes it must be denatured. And it's also legally required to be "dry" before it can be used with Gasoline. I've heard of some people testing "wet" alcohol, but not very often.

Originally Posted by litesong View Post
Gasoline engines are designed & built to use 100% gasoline(ethanol-free) at its most efficient. The EPA runs its tests of gasoline engines with the equivalent of 100% gasoline. Auto manufacturers like that, since 100% gasoline gives their gasoline engines their best efficiency.

Ethanol engines, with higher compression ratios than gasoline engines, are designed & built to use ethanol at its most efficient...... like INDY cars.

This not rocket science.

But it is good 100% gasoline science, as the gasoline engined cars come off the assembly line. I am not talking about modifications or additions.

I am not in the league of ecomodders, making no mods to my cars. My 2013 Elantra, as it came from the dealer, using 100% gasoline, is averaging 39mpg, with ~15% city driving, with a high of 43mpg. My previous 3 cars have always responded better to 100% gasoline than the ethanol industry & the EPA give it credit.
Uh, the 100% Gasoline engines work just fine on Ethanol blends as far as efficiency. The loss in MPG is for less energy density not efficiency. Don't confuse the archaic fuel efficiency with actual efficiency. Because when it comes down to it, the space it once occupied matters little once it burns and propels you down the road.

The energy efficiency is about the same if not better especially in mid ethahanol blends. Sure 100% Gasoline and 100% Ethanol might seem radically different. But It's been proven that ideal spark timing for Ethanol blends are exactly the same as Gasoline. Even E85 has the same ideal spark timing as regular Gasoline. What differs is the octane(depends on the BoB) and the air to fuel ratios.
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