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Originally Posted by litesong View Post
Anyone, like me, actually compare mpg records for 100% gasoline(ethanol-free) with 10% ethanol blend records?

Over many years, my 3 cars show 8%, 7% & 5% better mpg with 100% gasoline. All engines are quieter, smoother & have extra low rpm torque, such that, hills are climbed with less downshifting. One car, I was thinking of switching to fuel injection to even out its roughness. But using 100% gasoline, the engine is smooth.

Vehicles, with 14 gallon tanks, will drive like they have 15 gallon tanks, without installing a larger tank or carrying the extra gallon of gas. But they will drive an extra gallon's worth of distance on a tank. My new 2013 Elantra, bad-mouthed for poor mpg, will travel almost 39 extra miles on a tank of gas.

Hundreds of thousands of drivers support the 7000+ stations still dispensing 100% gasoline. Bet a good percentage of Ecomodders do also!
Yes, although some fills I have recorded resulted in a blend. I can't pick the difference in mileage between the E10 and any other fuels of varying octane.

There is far more difference between tanks of the same fuel, due to differences in traffic density, A/C use etc., than with the effects of different fuels.
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