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Originally Posted by Lbar View Post

OP that bumper looks terrible. You have a brand new STI that looks like it was wrecked already. Plati-dip doesn't stop rock chips totally, but you will find plenty of other places that will get chipped up as times goes by.

You may be able to use just the Glossifier instead of the regular plastidip.

Edit: Here, pretty reasonable Clear Bra Kits Subaru paint protection film to protect your vehicles painted surface from rock chips and road debris.
Yes I have a case if 6 cans of glossifier thinking I can use glossifier only. However, after using one can, I realized glossifier is too thin to use it by itself. The bottle itself says its best used on surface that has already been plastidipped.

The black is only temporary for now because it is the only color available at my local home depot. Online forums say that the best way to make a clear bra with plasitdip is to use clear matte as the base, then glossifier on top. However, the only place that sells clear matte is online, so it would only be worth it to buy in bulk. I'll eventually get the clear matte when I get tired of black.

No I didn't buy this car with the intention to hyper mile, I'm not insane. This has always been my dream car ever since I was 15years old. When I graduated highschool, only could afford a Honda del sol. Like a typical kid, I souped it up yada yada. Then as I got older, gas prices started to rise, my job wasn't paying too well, then I stumbled onto this site and got into hypermiling. The best I achieved on the del sol was 50 tank mpg, I averaged about 40-44mpg. It's nice to have a hobby that can actually pay you back and not turn into a money pit.
So I finally got a better paying job , saved for a down, and bought my dream car. However the hypermiling bug stayed.

I like knowing I can have the best of both worlds. Go fast fun and good fuel economy. It's like having my cake and eating it too.

See the rest of the Sti project log:
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