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A/C Compressor Died

Well, as you may know, I installed the Cool-N-Save device a month or so ago.

There was some scale build-up, but mostly the fins were blocked by webs and dust. I usually blast water through them to keep things efficient.

04:49 PM; 92F -- The house begins to struggle to cool down. I think it's the heat wave and the stove heating things up (first 90-Degree day).

10:36 PM; 76F -- Return home from a ballgame. Indoor temp 85F.

The A/C compressor isn't running. I go out to check it out. It makes a buzzing noise every minute or so. I power-cycled the system with the same result.

After disconnecting all power, I took the fan shroud off. The fan motor was blazing hot to the touch. Further, the compressor itself was HOT. I ran cool water over the compressor and it cooled-down. No scale was noted on the internal components.

I put it all back together, gave it a shot, and all I heard was a buzzing noise and the heat builds again. ARGH! Darn thing's toast! Tomorrow will be Service call #4 in 3.5 years. The "experts" that installed the system failed to do so correctly:
  1. Forgot to completely wire the system at move in
  2. Failed to charge the system fully and/or ID a leak
  3. Found the leak and charged the system properly (after the condenser became a block of ice) -- yeah the same night my folks visit from out of town
  4. Now -- some sort of failure.

Hopefully it's a capacitor or relay -- otherwise, I don't what to think of the cost.

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