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when I look back at these early streamliners,I can't help but wonder what happened.Motorcycles are fast for one reason only,power to weight,not because their aerodynamic.Just about every well designed motorcycle with a aerodynamic body,is not only faster,but generally goes twice the distance on the same fuel or stored electrical energy.We can build a streamlined motorcycle that is comfortable,uses a door for entry,is very safe and as fun as a standard motorcycle.Both the Monotracer and BMW's Simple concept 3 wheeled tilter both have large roomy cabin's and drag cd[coefficient of drag]numbers of about 0.016 or about.Enclosed 2 wheeler's need a way to hold themselves up when stopping,your feet through openings,gyros or training wheels,sometimes referred to as out rigger;s.None are fool proof.I like the idea of a narrow tilter using weight shift,steering controls tilt not the steering like Philip James of Australia's design.I don't know much about the engineering but it looks interesting.I just hope manufactures start to see the writing on the wall,and start to rethink aerodynamics and personal vehicles.Maybe a narrow,motorcycle like 4 wheeler that tilts or a seamless way to hold up a enclosed 2 wheeler at a stop,without compromising the motorcycles handling and ride qualities.Its more or less the same old thing,one person commuting in 2 ton monster,a lone motorcyclist ,on a large bike the gets 45 mpg.We could have a comfortable and safe ride with 100 plus mpg usa,2 liters per 100Km if only.I truly believe the first one that get's right will be the next Henry Ford of vehicle innovation.

we need choices
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