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I'm currently 45, single and never married-and I can count the number of relationships, long term and otherwise(and including a single 'one-night stand' ending in mutual embarrassed good humor), on the fingers of one hand and still have a thumb. I am alone.

I am not, and will possibly never be, lonely. I have family and friends both male and female, and while I lack what many consider a 'full' social life it is because:

A) I am too busy trying to survive in today's economy and meeting my self-imposed obligations to Church, Family and lifelong friends, and
B) I am a picky and prickly SOB with no tolerance for melodrama.

In my life so far, I have met three women whom I considered worth proposing marriage to:

One was taken from us far too soon to join the Kingdom of Heaven.
One chose the prospect of a high-pace career involving constant nationwide mobility(theater) and I had neither the temperament or talent to follow...I watched her leave with barely a tear, because I do not believe that real love should be selfish.
One was of mixed heritage(I refuse to use the term 'Race' since we were both of the Human Race), and her parents took remarkable exception to my inherited Nordic skin, never mind that my family tree has its share of Lumbee, Creole and Hispanic outliers...long story short, I will never come between a woman and her family (no matter what their idiot reasons) because of personal selfishness.

On the other hand, we have my younger (by one year) sister, who was obsessed with finding Mister Right. By the time she was thirty, she had gone into and out of three marriages and several relationships ranging from 'the chemistry isn't there' to 'i'll call the Sheriff if he ever speaks to me again'...and by the ripe old age of 33 she decided that she was 'giving up' on love.

Four months later she met an outwardly unremarkable man at work, and they struck up a platonic, and then a not-so platonic, relationship...and this year we celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary,

You will find that perfect someone (or not) early in life (or late) and die surrounded by loved ones (or alone) what? Live in the moment and make contingencies for the future without stressing too hard over possibilities beyond your control, and enjoy it.

Hey, where'd this Soapbox come from?

(adds to collection)

Ten more and I can start my new house!
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