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100 MPG here I come
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BetsyBio - '89 Toyota Pickup Base Model
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Exclamation 100$$ per Barrel for the First Time 08 - thinking about EV's

Can you Believe Gas soured above 100 dollars a barrel

!!!!Happy New Year America!!!!!

That price Got me to thinking about EV's (electric vehicles)

So I started searching the internet and I stumbled on to a couple great site's
I thought that I would share with anyone who has a interest.

The First site is a company based out Palm beach Florida that will convert a good variety of cars mostly upper end cars like Porches and BMW's

What I thought was the cool thing is the do hybrid conversions also not just EV.

The second Link is for website that specializes in only selling EV's (kinda like a auto trader for EV'S)

The third Link is not totally dedicated to EV's but its a wonderful site I visit quite often to keep up on various news about issue's and policies for sustainable mobility.

Hope everyone enjoys the links more to come, and also I would like to know what everyone thinks of EV's on this site ?

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