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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
Jeezus people, drive-ride the way you see fit. This thread is a perfect example of a forum killer at least to me. Is it not within the realm of human interaction for people to just state their opinions about things without diving into the cesspool of personal conflicts, which are never resolved and a waste of energy?

Nothing stated in this painfully laborious series of useless arguments, no facts presented, no opinions given, no arguments about the meaning of terms, no personal attacks (incidently all of which are rules violations) is going to change my driving technique by a single bit.
Hmm. No one is asking or demanding you or anyone else to change. It's only an extended discussion. Hardly a "forum killer".

But since you are apparently very upset, maybe Jeezus might help you with that.

If not, the previously offered alternative might help:

Thread Tools -> Unsubscribe from this thread -> *click*

(It's interesting how some rant and threaten to unsubscribe from the thread, but never actually do. It must be irresistible. )