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The car in front of the Futuro capsule reminds me of this

Personally, today, I'd want a carbon-fiber monocoque in the form of a Schwimmwagen, with Class 5 off-road suspension and a Subaru rear engine 4WD drivetrain created with the reverseved ring-and-pinion from Subarugears. With hydrojets and a side opening bubble top copied from the Messerschmitt KR-200.

Actually, with a boattail and LRR tires it would look like this:

It would be parked in front of a 30' 3v geodesic dome perched 1/3 the way up a wooden Eiffel tower made by banding the tips of 5 lodgepole pine to the base of a sixth and pretensioning the bases outward.

There would be a flag flying above the vertical axis windmill.

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