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Saw this car on TV tonight. Not really interesting from an eco stand point, ok not at all, although it has a cd of .31-.37 One thing that caught my eye was the mirror's.
So why did you post it? This is the Aerodynamics sub-forum and it's certainly more on-topic than the 2-wheelers. I'm surprised the Cd is that high—given the boattailling on the cabin and the overall air management. IMHO it's tremendously interesting.

Look on YouTube for Jay Leno's Garage or the tour of the Pagani factory. Pagani is like Bugatti, every piece is a work of art. The mirrors, for instance, are shaped like a woman's eye (he's Italian}. There's nothing wrong with build quality. The technically interesting stuff that I remember:
  • carbon fiber monocoque body
  • active aerodynamics (those 4 big flaps on the front and back)
  • something about the exhaust system (or maybe that was Koenigsegg)
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