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Lets call a spade a digging tool here - the idea that there is some kind of wonderful matching algorythm is, well, ****e.

That isn't the point.

The point is that when that person you will end up being with forever appears he/she may not share your views.

They will/won't vote as you do.

They will/won't do what you do in your spare time.

They will/won't like your music.

And worse of all - they will/won't think your "hobby" or fixation is "sad".

The real path to happiness is not caring, you compromise. You do so because this person is the one.

Worked example me and Mrs A. We don't share political views (but we debate), we don't share interests. We like to watch movies together but Mrs A likes Richard Curtis rom-coms and I think Mr Curtis should be tortured to death - only joking - and I prefer Sci-fi or thrillers.

But when Mrs A wants to spend time gardening I'm there to do the heavy stuff or move/shift things as required. And when DIY is needed she holds and passes things as needed but she really isn't interested in how or what.

We share key aims - retiring at a certain point or how work should work out and that is a joint aim we both work towards.
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