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Arragonis -- All those stories about successful relationships was just bringing me down. You paint a picture of something that just might work.
And worse of all - they will/won't think your "hobby" or fixation is "sad".
As a 'think' what's that called? Weak tea?
I wasn't looking for a relationship. It juts [sic, snicker] happened. I think everyone has to be in that mindset. If you *want* it to happen, it either won't or you will end up in a bad situation.
There's my problem. When the counselor at the free clinic told me that I missed the "or you will end up in a bad situation" part. I guess I just didn't not un-want enough.
If it happens, it happens. If it does not, it does not. I'm only 24. Not sure if I want kids, too young for them.
Ya have kids at 15 and start your career at 30. The other way around it gets all tangled up.
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