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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I need to see records to back up the claim before I believe it.
I gave you the results of years(decade plus) of my mpg comparisons of 10% ethanol blends compared to 100% gasoline for 3 gasoline cars, built & designed to burn 100% gasoline, the cars gaining 8%, 7% & 5% mpg with 100% gasoline. Another fellow tested 10% ethanol blends against 100% gasoline for 115,000 miles, finding a 10% gain in 100% gasoline vs. 10% ethanol blends. People need to report other comparisons that bridge the years, that will tend to eliminate variables.

So far, no ethanol advocate here (other places?) has told of their years(decade?) of records stating that 10% ethanol is superior when used in gasoline engines designed & built to use 100% gasoline.

In essence, ethanol needs high compression ratio (nearly diesel compression ratio) ethanol engines(like INDY cars) to gain its inherent efficiency. Ethanol, used in lower compression ratio gasoline engines, loses its efficiency, besides its inherently lower btus per gallon.

The EPA, an ethanol advocate because of its supposed pollution control ability of one pollutant, still uses & defines 100% gasoline equivalent to test gasoline engine vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers like the EPA to do so, because they know that 100% gasoline gives best mpg results.
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