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Originally Posted by shovel View Post
Why on earth would auto manufacturers design their cars to run best on a fuel that's almost impossible to find anywhere?

Citation needed.
EPA runs & designates their mpg test to be with 100% gasoline equivalent. In truth (like you try to cover up), 90% of 10% ethanol blends is 100% gasoline. Your supposed rhetorical question, just self-answers itself, as your ethanol bias.

Ethanol advocates often state that ethanol's high octane is an advantage to burning in a 100% gasoline engine. However, it is NOT, considering that 90 percent of the fuel in 10% ethanol blends, is lower octane 100% gasoline. The large octane "differences" in 10% ethanol blends is why 100% gasoline gives higher mpg in a gasoline engine designed & built to use 100% gasoline. The gasoline engine cannot compensate for such a wide range of octanes contained in 10% ethanol blends.

Read my post above.
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