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Just heard of Fiberight last week, some interesting stuff

Turning Waste Into Biofuel - Fiberight LLC

The Truth About Ethanol

My cars all lose some MPG with E blends, but not all as much as the BTU content says they should. My wife former drive a 2002 Suburban fuel logs on fuelly one for E85 other for E10, about 25% less energy, but only lose about 18% mpg IIRC. Stratus followed energy and btu content in a straight line.

Cobalt seems to be doing better than BTU but driving isn't as consistant as the Stratus as no cruise and manual tranny. It also has AC so throws in another variable the Stratus doesn't.

E10 blends allows blender to use cheaper grades of gasoline to get to the required 87 octane, without it 87 would cost even more.

2.50 E85 went in all my cars this weekend, only Impala is FFV.
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