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Originally Posted by litesong View Post
So far, no ethanol advocate here (other places?) has told of their years(decade?) of records stating that 10% ethanol is superior when used in gasoline engines designed & built to use 100% gasoline.
What you'll find is that the problem isn't Ethanol. Ethanol has been thoroughly proven to burn certain ways, react to certain materials, and becomes harder to ignite as temperatures drop. The problem is the "Gasoline" mixed with it. The EPA requires testing with Indolene which is 91 octane and is "purely" for testing purposes. It is a fuel that is not sold from any public Gasoline pump, not even the "pure" Gas pumps sold without alcohol. What is sold is a cocktail called Gasoline of various aromatics, octane improvers, cleaners, etc etc.

If it was Ethanol mixed with 91 octane Indolene it might not be so bad. Ethanol mixed with crap 85 octane Gasoline is still mostly crap. Ethanol can help but it won't fix everything.

What most of the Ethanol supporters have found is that the only way to get past the problem is to minimize the amount of Gasoline if not completely eliminate it. Of course Pure Ethanol isn't available here(we can only discuss why) so most of us have to make do with E85 if we can find it.
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