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Originally Posted by DOFZO View Post
I just purchased a 94 Civic VX California version. I will be driving it to Colorado where I live.

I was looking to do the Federal conversion and I have read through your thread as well as a few others on the net.

I have two questions about the conversion.

1.) If I find a 5 wire O2 sensor, wire harness and Federal ECU will it all be "plug and play" on my VX without having to make/create a custom wire harness?

2.) I have read about needing a Federal version intake manifold and EGR control box to make this conversion complete. Are those two things necessary?

Reading is one thing but its best to confirm that by going to any honda oem parts store online and pull up part numbers and compare. If you really read the OPs post he lists everything needed so, NO this is not plug and play because you need to wire in that 5 wire o2 sensor thats expensive as hell. Without that o2 that ecu is worth a damn.

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