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Running on waste

Toilet manufacturer TOTO has released a motortrike running on livestock waste and sewage. Those ferment to produce biogas for the engine.

Though the seat may suggest otherwise, it is not supposed to take the drivers 'input'. So road scares won't extend your range
The engine is small and it seems to have a lot of mass.
Unlike its rider it is not very well proportioned; braking hard may cause a launch from the throne.
It must be a scare to drive... that may just explain it.

Toto has no plans for commercial production, so there is no need to remodel the service stations - yet!

Now we just have to wait which one of us ecomodders will dig in and get the 'hands dirty'.

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Investors woes:
"In hindsight, I should have placed a bet on the horse that won the race"
"In hindsight, I should have bet more on that horse"

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