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Upper grill block v2.0 and v3.0

Upper grill block v2.0
Tried to use great foam, it expanded great and filled the void if the grill opening, however after a few days, the foam shrank to half its size.

Upper grill block v3.0
My goal is to make the upper grill block look OEM.

First, how to remove front grill without removing bumper for 2011-2013 Subaru sti.

With a flat head screwdriver, gently remove the 8 pop clips on the top of the bumper

Gently pull the grill forward, then unscrew the 2 screws on the very edge on the right and left side.

Then there are 4 remaining screws on the backside of the grill. To access them, reach under the lower grill. Then feel around behind the grill for 4 screws. Here are the approximate locations.

Now the grill should pop right out.

I want the grill block to contour perfectly with the grill and I want the air to have laminar flow, so I want the grill block to line up perfectly flush with the outer edge of the grill.

I wrapped the grill in plastic wrap, applied polyester resin and fiber glass.

The weight of the resin and fiberglass caused the plastic wrap to sag.

So I filled the gap by cannibalizing grill block v1.0. I used painters tape to try to smoothe out the edges and overall shape.

Looks smoother now.

Next up is bondo, sand, then paint.

See the rest of the Sti project log:
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