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I have devices that allow me to reset the Air/Fuel ratios, and found that on the car 16.7 to 1 gave apox 34MPG with a major lost of take off power.

So IF I had a way to change that setting automatically for cursing (a lean cruse setting) then I could gain something like 5MPG, but at a cost of around $200.00 to $300.00 to have the computer reprogrammed don't consider it cost effective.

As for the other ideas, A) the car has a air dam, aerodynamic side mirrors, hidden wipers (Under the hood) B) The rest are impractical, I ran stock tires and got 27 to 30MPG and then switched to safer 18 inch sticky tires so I can hold the road and stop best and lost 1 to 2 MPG, I will take my safety over MPG any day.

I am in AZ with 115+ temps and have a hard time keeping the engine under 200+ in the summer...


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Blame it on EPA / CARB emission regulations, because of these 3 facts:

• best POWER occurs at about 12:1 AF-ratio, for E0 gasoline.

• best ECONOMY occurs at 16-18:1 AF-ratio, for E0 gasoline.

• todays ECM's maintain 'stoichiometric' 14.7:1 AF-ratio in "closed-loop" operation for catalytic convertor operation.