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First, I have BOTH MPG Gauges as I found the scangaugeII is easily fooled by tricks done to the sensors (I had it reading 45MPG when in fact the car was only doing 27MPG. So I run a MPGunio as well.

Second 24/26 is more common for these cars as I also belong to a Ford site and we have discussed this fact.

Third I thought I was asking this question on a site that deals with making MPG, making changes that make MPG.

Forth a funny thing happens if I pop it out of gear, the RPMs go higher...

( MY 93 Chevy and 91 Toyota don't pull this, both drop to idle as I coast...)

So I was hoping to find out IF it is the ECU.

OH FYI I HAVE seen a Toyota and Hyundai get over 60MPG on HHO.

And we did the full test, 100 miles: 50 Miles one way and then back same day full tank.


Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
On fuelly the Grand Marquis typically gets about 20 mpg on average.
34 mpg would be hard to beat. If you're not satisfied then maybe this isn't the right car. But a small car or a hybrid could almost double it if driven with some TLC.

The things you list in your first post have been proven to have little effect, if any. Just check them out with the search button.
As you get 34 mpg you'd know a thing or two about driving economically, but at the risk of elaborating the obvious:
- Get a OBD2 FE monitor like ScanGauge or UltraGauge,
- Keep a fuel log, and log anything in it that deviates from the usual,
- Digest the 100+ Hypermiling Tips and 68+ Efficiency Mods linked on top of this page,
- Pump them tires...